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Beaches of the Temple Town - Udupi

Located 55 kms from Mangalore, Udupi is a beautiful and scenic coastal town and also is a hub to major port in India. When it comes to beaches, tourists often think about Goa. However, the beaches in Udupi are still unexplored and less commercialised. All beaches in Udupi are easily accessible by road and worth visiting for each of one has many things to offer.

Lets look at the lesser known and unexplored beaches in Udupi:

Delta Beach

Also known as Kodi Bengre beach, there is an estuary on this beach where Suvarna river joins the Arabian sea, forming lot of small islands. On the small islands, mangroves have come up where one can spot large variety of flora and fauna and is a photographer's dream come true. One one side, there is Arabian sea and on the other side is the Suvarna river. A boat ride on Suvarna river is actually a soul-searching activity and brings one closer to the nature.

Padubidri Beach

This beach lies within the small town of Padubidri on national highway 17 along the Udupi-Mangalore route. This beach is not as crowded as the other beaches and is famous for adventure rides and water sports. The beach is well maintained and neat. The main portion of the beach is paved with tiles and benches have been installed for the convenience of the tourists. In the evening, towards the dusk, one can behold the spectacular sight of lights coming in from Suratkhal and Kaup lighthouses. Denmark's Foundation for Environment Education has given the beach a blue flag which is a certification of environment protection. Lot of events are also organised on the beach to keep the tourists entertained,

Mattu Beach

An hour's drive from Malpe town lies the Mattu beach populated by local fishermen and locals. This is a non-commercialised beach and towards the dusk time, one can see the bio-luminescent waves in blue colour caused by Noctiluca scintillans organisms which have been happening here for the last few years. It is an excellent place to relax, chill and binge on some great local seafood. The wonderful phenomenon of bio-luminescence is a thing to be witnessed. Do not miss it!

Pithrody Udyavara Beach

This beach is situated in between Udyayara river on one side and Arabian sea on the other side. This beach is largely untouched and is perfect for relaxing and clicking some wonderful pictures. It is on the way to Kapu beach from Malpe. The beach is secluded and no shops are located here. Sand here is fine, powdery and lighter in colour as compared to the regular coloured sand found on other beaches.

Maravanthe Beach

Situated alongside national highway 66, enroute Murudeshwar, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Udupi. Marvanthe is nicely situated with Arabian sea on one side and Souparnika river on the other side. Water sports is one of the most preferred activity on this beach. One can play on the beach at designated areas, soak in the sunset view, enjoy fresh coconut water and enjoy boat ride on Souparnika river. This river also connects one to Padukone village, the birthplace of famous badminton player Prakash Padukone, Deepika Padukone's father.

Kapu Beach

Also known as Kaup Beach, one of the main attraction of this beach is the old lighthouse that was constructed in the year 1901 and is 27 metres tall. The lighthouse is open to visitors from 4PM to 6PM and to reach to the top one has to climb up the winding stairs offering a spectacular view of the Arabian sea. One can pick a wonderful spot on the rocks, sit there and can keep staring at the waters dashing by the sands.

Malpe Beach

Located just 6 kms from Udupi town, this beach offers endless stretch of sand dotted with coconut trees all along. One can view some exquisite rock formations and indulge in some water sports like jet-ski, beach para-sailing, kayaking and speed boating. You can simply walk along the beach and catch excellent views of waves thrashing around. A small amphi-theatre also has come up which can house up to 250 people. There are numerous fishing boats on the beach and is one of the important fishing harbour. The new addition to this beautiful beach is the Malpe Seawalk where one can witness the river meeting the sea. A perfect place for a stroll and an eye-catching view. The ambience of the sea walk is very welcoming.

Padukere Beach

Situated right next to the Malpe beach, this beach has now become accessible. Thanks to the bridge which takes you there. A serene beach from where one can catch glimpses of small islands in midst of the sea and watch the sunset. This beach is not as commercialised as Malpe beach is.

St. Mary's Island

This beautiful island is a half an hour ferry ride from the Malpe beach and is home to basalt rock formations which date back to millions of years ago. It is a collection for four islands off the Malpe coast. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama in the year 1498 fixed a cross on the island as a dedicated to Mother Mary, hence the name. Food items are not allowed on the island and one has to purchase snacks from the snack shop only. The island is closed during the monsoon season from mid May to September end as the sea gets rough during the monsoon.

Most of the beaches in and around Udupi are pristine and clear. The beaches are perfect getaway for relaxing, indulging in water sports and clicking some glorious views of the Arabian sea. Nature lovers can explore the rivers of the other side to get beautiful views of variety of flora and fauna. Most of the beaches are a perfect example of rivers meeting the sea. Almost all the beaches are accessible and provide spectacular views of sunset and never ending water till the horizon. One word of caution is to avoid the monsoon season as the waves tend to get rough with high tides. Rocks on the beach get slippery and if caution is not exercised, one can get grievously injured. October to May is the best time to visit pristine beaches of Udupi.

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