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Choki Dhani Village - A Blend of Rajasthani Culture & Cuisine

Located at 12 Miles Tonk Road, Jaipur, on the national highway, away from the city, I bet you would vouch to visit this place again! Remember! Chokhi Dhani village is open only from 4 in the evening till 11 at night. So, if you have come to visit the Pink City for sight seeing, do not miss on this one or else you will regret later! If you are coming from Delhi, as we did, we stayed at a RTDC hotel, visited in and around places and and then proceeded to the venue in the evening!

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"Ram Ram Sa" - This is the way one and all is greeted and welcomed by the Rajasthani people with a wide smile on their face and apply teeka on the guests' forehead. Chokhi Dhani Village truly depicts the ethnic village life of the desert state "Rajasthan". Spread over 10 acres of area, the village showcases various talents of different folk artists. A village fair is created every evening as an ongoing celebration of the rich, and vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan. One can enjoy the live performances of traditional Rajasthani folk dances.

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These enthralling performances are one of the major attractions and one get to see the Rajasthani Ghoomer dance, potter dance, Kalbeliya - snake dance etc. I am sure, you too, like us, would tap your feet to the tune of the desert! Don't forget to see the live acrobatics on a bamboo by the brave artist who balances himself without any protection. One may also have a ride on the choice of animal they wish to - camel, horse drawn tonga or an elephant or shall I say, all three?

Worrying about your kids if any? Just chill!! The puppet show takes your kids to the world of stories of kings, queens, princess along with powerful magicians. The show is so lively and the puppeteer will ensure there is no going back! Besides, there is a magic show organized specially for the kids who does some hand tricks and hypnotizes one to the world of magic !!! The kids can also enjoy the ride in the small ferris wheel available

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Chokhi Dhani village showcases the ancient way of pulling water from the well, getting oil by moving bullock round and round a central mechanical system, a blacksmith showcasing his talent and traditional village huts. All these are very scenic to see at! And for the ones who believe in astrology, let the parrot at work pick the card for you and answer the queries on your future!

And finally, for what we had actually visited this place! Rajasthani traditional food! The food is served in four arenas from closed to open environment, from simple to royal way, from ac to non-ac, one can choose the dining area depending on the availability or wait for their turn for the preferred one !

We chose the Sangri, ethically designed and offers food on a leaf platter in the Manuhaar tradition. A large variety of mouth watering delicacies are offered right from salad to deserts, this is one place you will never want to forget! The aroma and taste are with you for a while! A little over priced but all is excused for the authenticity and the kind of service that is provided.

The complete mouth watering menu @ Chokhi Dhani

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Sangri Gahuriya, Dal Bhatti Choorma, Dal - Chawal, Rajasthanio Meethai, Sag - gatta ro, Makkari, Chawal, Makhhan - Dhani ro, Rajasthani namkeen, Sag - dal pachhmelri, Bajarari, Achar Kair Sangri ro, Ghee - Dhaniro, Khichada, Chhadiya motth, Sag - kadi besanri, Salad, Chutney (Garlic & Dhana ri), Chhach, Malpua, Sag-Hariyalo, Papad Chat - Choulari, Lassi & Jalebi

Don't waste your time reading it, just grab your hands at it. You will definitely ask for more! You won't stop licking your fingers for these mouth-watering lip-smacking dishes! So guys! what are you waiting for? Stay stress-free, and drive down to Chokhi Dhani village to get the feel of traditional culture of Rajasthan under one roof! Jaipur is calling you all "Padharo Mhare Desh"

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