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Gokarna : Unwind Along the Seashore

This was an unplanned one night trip to Gokarna during our stay in Udupi exploring the unexplored!

Gokarna is a beautiful temple town situated along the Arabian sea coast and is one of the seven important pilgrimage centers in India. Gokarna literally means cow's ear. It is believed that Lord Shiva came out of cow's ears to redeem Lord Brahma of his curse. Also, as per the legend, Ravana while carrying Lord Shiva's Atmalinga wanted to perform dusk time rituals while passing over Gokarna enroute Lanka. Lord Ganesha appeared in form of a boy, took the Atmalinga from Ravana and planted it in Gokarna, wherein it got planted permanently as Lord Shiva had said. Ravana could not move it; he removed some pieces and threw it in all directions. Check out the full post at

Gokarna is also called the Dakshin Kasi. Mahabaleshwar temple which is a 4th century typical Dravidian style temple is situated on the shores of the Arabian sea where the pilgrims cleanse themselv