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Nahan: Welcome to Shivalik

This plan of ours along with our friends came up out of the blue. So one fine summer morning when we were in Delhi NCR, some 4-5 years ago, we took out our cars & headed on NH44 towards this unexplored destination. After Kurukshetra, from Shahbad, one needs to take a right turn to go towards Nahan which is about 280 km from Delhi. The moment you are near to Trilokpur, the beautiful landscape welcomes you and the feeling of being nestled amidst the hills surround you. Nahan is a beautiful hillside city dotted with temples, garden and man-made lakes.

There are a numerous places that you can go visiting apart from having some wonderful fun moments with your friends:

Renuka Lake

One of the largest lakes in Himachal, spans along a huge boundary of 3214 m. This lake is regarded as the embodiment of Goddess Renukaji who is the mother of Lord Parashuram. Also around the lake is a temple dedicated to the Goddess which was supposedly built overnight somewhere in 18th century. Lake is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary and boating facility is available as well. The lake lies along a long valley is surrounded by thick woods on the either side.